Our extensive software development experience has allowed us to identify the continued existence of numerous common system deficiencies, vulnerabilities and reliability issues across so many different markets and industries. Here are but a few examples: lengthy response-times, frequent delivery delays and system downtimes, the absence of basic and vital system reliability features (auditing, redundancy, authentication etc.), the lack of simple integration with external systems and not the least, outrageous maintenance and operation costs.

Our solution: Eternity

Eternity is an innovative transaction processing platform capable of handling more than one million messages per second, per core, while delivering continuous, always-on, fail-safe service aboard industry-leading operating systems. This alternative solution configures redundancy with real-time recovery for both on and off-site locations, and features audit, monitoring, alert, authentication, call management, APIs and more features. An intelligent alliance between these richer network components and optimized processes allows us to create, maintain and operate high performance transaction applications resulting in unprecedented gains in speed, efficiency, reliability, availability, savings and profit.

Design :

Here is a list of the desired features established and achieved on our new framework:

  • Compatible to work with industry-leading operating systems.
  • Always-on 24/7/365 non-stop availability.
  • Support for redundancy with real-time recovery for both on and off-site locations.
  • Capable of handling 1 million messages per second, per core.
  • Capable of achieving response-time in less than 1 microsecond.
  • Supports product deployment without service interruption.
  • Enables the accelerated development of Proof of Concept (POC) in less than one month.
  • Supports automated operations and deployment.
  • Completely automated and integrated test and diagnostic features.
  • System designer and analysts can design their user-interfaces.
  • Enables simple and seamless integration to external systems.
  • Offers an integrated user-support application and help-desk feature.
  • Provides a standard interface to access data (SQL)
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