About us

Softopti designs and operates high-performance software transaction processing systems requiring the ability to continue non-stop when a hardware failure occurs. We specialize in electronic payment systems and in the finance, manufacturing, health and retail industries.

Our developer platform, Eternity, was designed using the highest quality standards allowing application development to be achieved within a few days. A transaction router capable of handling more than 1 million messages per second, per core, is at the heart of our network architecture. Based on this powerful performance and capacity, we can easily build highly efficient solutions to replace poor-performance and costly relational database systems. Human and hardware resources savings may be re-allocated towards additional value-added business features, which otherwise would have been impossible to achieve using existing technologies.

Why green? Well, efficiency is one of our prime considerations when building and completing solutions offered on our product line. Softopti integrates continuous improvement processes which are present at all organizational stages, starting from the initial gathering of your requirements, specification mapping, right through to product build, test, roll-out, delivery and final acceptance. These methods allow us to deploy high-quality solutions offering the highest availability standards at an unrivalled cost. The significant decrease in number of servers which will be required to run your operations is testimony to the efficiency of our system design.


We believe in community mutual respect, this is a top priority value for us, as it helps to guide our decision making processes, corporate behaviors and actions. Without the respect of its customers, partners and stakeholders, a business cannot even plan to prosper in the long-run. Our solutions provide considerable amounts of energy cost savings which later, can be more efficiently deployed within the community.

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